Our Products

When Adtec first started making RF Power products in 1990, the core concept was to make products that were world-leaders in ruggedness that the user could rely on, even in the toughest of environments. As critical dimensions and process windows shrink and the cost of down-time and scrapped product grows, it's even more critical today to have RF products that can take the strain that industry demands.

At Adtec, we're confident that we've delivered on that promise - a confidence that allows us to give a two-year warranty as standard on all RF power supplies. It's a confidence our users share too, as year-on-year Adtec products create greater value through durable and reliable performance.

Adtec RF products are used to enable plasma processes in semiconductor, flat-panel, data-storage, MEMS, solar, sputter and industrial coating applications. Over the years we've built up an enviable track record of dependable product and support.

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